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NewsomTravel Advisors are recognized by every major travel supplier including resorts, hotels, tour providers, cruise lines, vacation companies, and car rental brands in every destination in the world

30 Years of Travel - InteleTravel Est. 1991Years ago, you couldn’t get involved in the travel industry unless you actually started your own agency, or worked for one as a traditional, full-time employee. There wasn’t any type of part-time, home-based business opportunity available to the public.

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My heart is over flowing with love for my family. I enjoyed our first annual family vacation....many more to come.




Thank good we all made it home safe...with some island battle scars....well worth it. Stay safe family and see you soon.


Thanks for everything, love you guys wouldn't trade y'all for the world, had a blast, thank God we all made it back to Cali soil safely.

Good morning I am truly great full that you guys invited me to this trip, this was my dream trip and it was amazing. I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart this was a lot of first for me, first vacation, first flight and first time in Hawaii. Everything was in line when we got there and I loved our little place very comfortable. I appreciate everything you guys did to make me comfortable .




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Our clients can either book directly with Newsom Travel on the phone at (310) 779-4674 or online at HermanNewsom.InteleTravel.com.

Newsom Travel can book any type of vacation, anywhere in the world. We also offer event tickets and excursion sales at great prices. If you don't know what events or excursions are available where you want to travel, just call us at (310) 779-4674 or email us at activitites@newsomtravel.com.

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