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Did you know that with every flight you purchase through NewsomTravel.com, you are automatically enrolled in approx. $200,000 USD worth of travel insurance? The insurance is provided to as part of the value of our modest Ticket Service Fee, which also includes NewsomTravel support and the care and services of your NewsomTravel Independent Travel Advisor, Newsom Travel. As the ticket holder, you are covered for accidental loss of life, limbs or sight during a flight for which your ticket was issued.

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Newsom Travel Advisors have the ability to book vacations with any travel provider they choose. We say with confidence that our Advisors can meet and most often beat any price. However it is with great pride that we have selected special Preferred Partner relationships with a select few of top Industry Vacation & Tour Suppliers. These partners were selected because they offer our Advisors the best tools, best education and the best support. While offering our customers the best service, prices and truly an unforgettable vacation experience.


Newsom Travel offers consultation services to families that are looking to learn how to book family vacations at reasonable rates in many different accommodations. Family size can be from six to sixty people and even higher. Call us today to discuss our options at +1 (310) 779-4674 or email us at contact@newsomtravel.com.


Be sure to register at HermanNewsom@InteleTravel.com.

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Celebrate your 20th birthday or 20th anniversary during your stay and receive a certificate for one (1) free night on a return stay. $20 Spa Treatment per person, up to 2 per room at all Zoëtry, Secrets, Breathless Properties

$20 Kids Rates Jan 1-Apr 9, 2022 at select Dreams, Now, Sunscape Properties*


Peace and Quiet: The Subtle (and Secret) Allure of Curaçao. United Airlines® Nonstop flights from Newark, New Jersey (EWR) to the Caribbean island of Curaçao are resuming November 6, 2021, which might lead you to ask, “Why Curaçao?”


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Our clients can either book directly with Newsom Travel on the phone at (310) 779-4674 or online at HermanNewsom.InteleTravel.com.

Newsom Travel can book any type of vacation, anywhere in the world. We also offer event tickets and excursion sales at great prices. If you don't know what events or excursions are available where you want to travel, just call us at (310) 779-4674 or email us at activitites@newsomtravel.com.

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